1590巴黎人改版后网址 College Undergraduate Summer Courses 

Taking classes during the summer is a great way to earn college credit at an accelerated pace. At 1590巴黎人改版后网址 College we offer a variety of undergraduate classes that can be taken by current students, visiting students from other two-year and four-year colleges/universities, and high school students that are eager to get a head start on college. 

Benefits Include:

  • Flexibility in Scheduling Classes (Online and In-Person Options Available)
  • Student Housing is Available
  • Earn College Credit at an Accelerated Pace
  • Faculty Experts Lead Course Instruction

To Apply:

The courses being offered during the 2022 Summer II Terms are listed below. For specific details on classes, please click here.

Summer 2 (July 5 – August 5)

ACC 1008: Fundamentals of Accounting II

3 credits • Online

ART 3025: Exploration of Ceramic Method

3 credits

CAM 2022: Advertising

3 credits• Online, asynchronous

CHM 2002: Organic Chemistry II

CHM 2006: Organic Chemistry II Lab

3 + 1 credits

MATH 1030: Calculus I     

4 credits • Online, asynchronous

PHY 1102: Principles of Physics II

PHY 1104: Principles of Physics II Lab

3+1 credits • Online

SPN 1002: Introductory Spanish II

4 credits • Online, asynchronous